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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.

If you have a question not listed here, please contact our team at (661)487-1518 or


We are so excited to announce that this year, Night to Shine will again take place in person! Guests and volunteers are invited to wear masks and protective gear as they feel comfortable, but it is not required per local law. We ask that everyone respect one anothers' decisions to wear or not wear protective gear. Thank you!

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What is Night to Shine and who is invited to attend the event?

Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older.

When is the next Night to Shine event?

Night to Shine is held worldwide the Friday before Valentine’s Day. 

Where is Bakersfield's Night to Shine located?

Night to Shine is hosted by Crossroads Christian Fellowship. The event takes place on the church campus - 2500 Fairfax Rd., Bakersfield, CA, 93306.

Is there a charge to attend Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is a complimentary event made possible by our generous sponsors; there is no charge to attend.

As a guest, what should I expect?

Every guest of Night to Shine enters the event on a red carpet complete with a warm welcome from a friendly crowd and paparazzi. Guests receive the royal treatment, including hair and makeup touch-up stations, shoe shining stations, limousine rides, corsages and boutonnieres, a karaoke room, catered dinner, prom favors for each honored guest, a Respite Room for parents and caregivers and, of course, dancing! Each honored guest receives a crown or tiara because they are all kings and queens!

What should guests wear? Is there a dress code?

As this is a special occasion, we encourage our honored guests to dress nicely, which may include prom gowns for the ladies, and suits or tuxes for the men. However, there is no official dress code, as we want our guests to feel comfortable on their special night!

I am a caregiver. Do I need to stay with my guest?

Caregivers are not required to stay with their guests during the Night to Shine event. Every honored guest will receive a personal chaperone, or “buddy,” who will remain with the guest throughout the entire evening.

I am a caregiver and want to stay with my guest. What do I need to do?

For the safety of all of our honored guests, we request that all parents and/or caregivers who want to remain with their guest inside the event sign up as a volunteer. Background checks and an event training is required for every volunteer. On both the volunteer registration form and guest registration form, please complete the guest/buddy request section.

We have a family member or friend who wants to be the chaperone/buddy for our guest. How does that work?

In order for a family member or friend to be a chaperone/buddy for the night, they must sign up as a volunteer. On both the volunteer registration form and guest registration form, please complete the guest/buddy request section.

I am a caregiver and want to remain on campus during the event. Is this possible?

We recognize, value, and love our guest parents and caregivers! For this reason, part of our campus is dedicated to you during the event. Our Respite Room area will provide caregivers with a comfortable place to enjoy the evening. Complimentary dinner, coffee, and dessert will be served, and short back massages and manicures will be offered. Live streaming from the dance floor will keep you connected with the event inside, and we will have a parent liaison team to answer any questions you may have throughout the evening.

I am a parent/caregiver and want to check on my guest. Is this possible?

We understand that you may want to periodically check on your guest, however, for the safety of all of our guests, parents and caregivers will only be allowed inside the event under very specific circumstances (ie: if their guest requires assistance in the restroom). Prior to the red carpet entrance, you and your guest will meet the chaperone/buddy who will remain with your guest throughout the event. This will give you an opportunity to review emergency contact information and discuss any concerns with the assigned buddy. At the end of the evening, all parents and caregivers will be invited into the sanctuary for the crowning ceremony, where you will crown your guest queen or king, as well as enjoy a dance with them.

How do I volunteer for Night to Shine? What is required?

Visit the details & registration page to register as a volunteer. Background checks and event training is required for every volunteer, including parents/caregivers who wish to attend as a buddy. Training dates will be announced as we approach the event date.

Is there an age requirement for volunteers?

Anyone 16 and older can help at Bakersfield Night to Shine. If a volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign a waiver form in order for their child to participate. All volunteers must attend a mandatory event training session.

Is Night to Shine a Christian event?

Night to Shine is open to all people with special needs (ages 14 and older) and all qualified volunteers. It is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, a Christian organization, and is being hosted by area churches.

How large is the local Night to Shine? What about worldwide?

Bakersfield Night to Shine hosts up to 225 guest each year with the assistance of over 450 volunteers. 

Night to Shine, Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is a worldwide movement celebrating over 100,000 people with special needs annually.

Night To Shine  - Bakersfield 2023 - Tim Tebow Foundation

Night To Shine - Bakersfield 2023 - Tim Tebow Foundation

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